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  • +Honeycombs

    The many holes and ledges on top of this reef make this an excellent second site on our quest for underwater adventure. Lobsters and colorful marine life are both plentiful.

  • +Shark Ledge

    Approximately four miles north of the Boca Inlet. An impressive 15 to 20 foot ledge starting at 50 feet and dropping to 65 feet. This site has became popular because of the resident population of Caribbean reef sharks. A shark sighting can be expected on every dive.

  • +Jap Rock K

    North end of Boca Raton public beach. Look for the rocky area. This is a good reef for snorkelers. Its shallow rocks are full of tropical fish and even an occasional lobster or two is found. While excellent on calm days, rough weather creates hazardous conditions here. Waves breaking on the rocks can make your return to shore difficult. Wait for rip currents and check with local dive shops for conditions.

  • +San Remo

    Approximately three miles north of the Boca Inlet. A great section of the third reef line with depths from 45 to 65 feet. Caves and overhangs attract an abundance of sea life. This is a hot night dive with plenty of invertebrates and fish. Octopuses and squid are usually about.

  • +Boca North Beach Ledge

    Seaward of Boca Radar Tower, about 1 mile north of the Boca South Beach Pavilion. The North Beach Ledge is 10 to 15 feet long, in 60 feet of water. Sea whips, sea fans, sponges and hard corals top the ledge, while caves and overhangs provide food and cover for marine life. Moray eels grow to six feet here, and lobsters abound during the winter months. Anchor on the edge, go north, and then return to the anchor. Fly your dive flag here!

  • +Boca Outfall Trench

    Approximately _ of a mile due east of Palmetto Park Beach Pavilion. The trench is a man-made 10 to 15 foot east-west cut through the third reef line. Depths range from 45 to 70 feet on the inside ledge and to 90 feet on the outside. Lobster, grouper, nurse shark and hogfish are common. This reef is noted for moray.

  • +Boca Artificial Reef Ledge

    Just south of Boca Inlet, approximately _ of a mile offshore. This is a popular artificial reef area adjacent to natural rock ledges. Depth to the sand is 70 feet. This is an excellent diving site, however, currents can be strong!


  • +Airplane Wreck

    This Cessna sits upside down in 80 feet of water off Boca, with landing gear sticking up. It was found by a local spearfisherman recently. Great wreck for photography. All instrumentation is still aboard the plane.