Enriched Air Diver

This is course that provides the diver with the
information necessary to utilize EANx as a breathing medium.

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The course may be taught as a stand-alone specialty course to certified divers or the knowledge and skills training may be integrated into the NAUI Scuba Diver course.


Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to utilize EANx in open water diving activities without direct supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those of training.


  • Dives shall not exceed a depth of 130 fsw (40 msw) or 1.6 atm PO2 , whichever is less. No planned dives requiring actual decompression stops on the appropriate EANx tables are to be permitted. (Maximum PO2 of 1.4 is to be taught with 1.5-1.6 as contingencies.)
  • This course may be taught as a NAUI Recognition Program if the open water training dives are not included. Recognition may be upgraded to EANx Diver certification upon completion (within six months) of the required dives under supervision of a NAUI EANx Instructor.


At least two dives are to made using EANx, one of which is to be a repetitive dive. The student is to analyze his or her own breathing mixture and to plan and safely execute each dive.


The following topics are to be covered: history of nitrox as a breathing gas; Dalton’s law of partial pressures; physiology of oxygen and nitrogen; depth limits, advantages, disadvantages and risks of nitrox; oxygen toxicity; hazards and precautions of handling oxygen; the concept of Equivalent Air Depth; use of EANx with Standard Air Dive Tables; common gas mixing procedures; and gas analyzing procedures.


  • Age. Minimum is 15 years.
  • Certification: NAUI Scuba Diver certification or the equivalent is required unless combined with the Scuba Diver course. The instructor is to ensure adequate student knowledge and capability before any open water training and shall use skill or other evaluations to do so.

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