Boynton Beach has some of the finest diving in North America. On an average day, the warm waters of the gulf stream flow just a mile or two off the Boynton Beach shore, producing warm and clear diving conditions that rival any found in the Caribbean. The warm, tropical waters are teeming with marine life including Corals, Morays, Sharks, Great Barracuda, Sea Turtles and shoals of colorful fish. There are 3 reef systems that lie just a few hundred yards off shore. The Sinking of the 175 foot M/V Becks…Boynton Beach’s latest dive attraction!

The ever-present North flowing current keeps the corals clean and vibrant. Like Cozumel, Boynton Beach is a drift diver’s paradise. The trip to the dive sites, usually less than 15 minutes, is just barely long enough to suit up. Our boats drop their divers over the reef in small groups, each with a dive flag and float. The boats follow the flags until the divers reappear. The small group approach allows computer divers, photographers, hunters and bug (lobster) catchers to “do their own thing.” The Budweiser Bar, a 167 foot long upright wreck lying at 93 feet provides an exciting alternative to the relaxed drift diving over the reefs.

Nine charter dive boats operate from the Seacrest Marina in Boynton Beach. The trip from the marina to the dive site is usually less than 15 minutes. Beach Diving is also possible.